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Hey ladies.  I'm hoping some of you could help me with some ides for gifts for my bridal shower hostesses.  I know normally the best answer is "something they'd like, like you're shopping for their birthday."  The problem there is that I actually hardly know most of these ladies.  It is a very sweet group (13) of ladies that work with and have attended church with FIs mother for years.   It's so hard to shop for people I barely know..and on top of that, I'm on a budget and I really want to think of something I can buy for 13 without looking cheap or going broke.  Thanks for any suggestions you may have. 

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  • morainemommorainemom member
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    Wow - that's a lot of hostesses!!

    What about going to the Dollar Store and buying mugs and putting either coffee, tea or cocoa packs in them?  Wrap them in tulle and tie with ribbon.

    You could make each of them some cookies or brownies. has nice favors, maybe you could buy some  inexpensive favors and make them into hostess gifts.

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    Normally I would suggest a bottle of wine and a gift card, but with that many women wow! Maybe baked goods? A small little gift basket with body products in it?
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    i really don't think a gift per se is necessary.  a sincere, hearfelt  thank you note to each person who hosted would be nice.
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    Thanks for your help, girls.  I read it, but forgot to ever reply.   I ended up going with a little ornament for each one.   :) 
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    Good idea!
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