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Rehearsal is 2 Days Before The Wedding...what to do the night before?

Hello All,

I am a new bride-to-be and I have recently come across a unique (I think) situation. My rehearsal has to be on a Thursday evening and my wedding day is the following Saturday. I can't change the date, and I don't know what to do the evening before our wedding. We decided to have the rehearsal dinner after the rehearsal on Thursday evening, but many of our bridal party are out-of-towners coming in for the event and we feel we should do something on Friday. Any thoughts/ideas? Anything is welcome at this point!

Thank you  =)

Re: Rehearsal is 2 Days Before The Wedding...what to do the night before?

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    You know that you don't have to rehearse at the actual ceremony site, right?  You can rehearse anywhere.  I was a MOH several years ago and we rehearsed in a hotel conference room because a wedding was booked at their wedding venue.

    I'd look into changing the rehearsal to the night before rather than fill it with something random.  Currently, people will have to take off both Thursday AND Friday to attend your wedding and pay for three nights of hotel rooms.  Boo.

    My brother in law's wedding had the rehearsal two nights before the wedding.  The night before the family hosted a large dinner at a local restaurant.  It was essentially a second rehearsal dinner.  I was cranky about the whole scene.
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    We were thinking about doing a Rehearsal two nights before for reasons other than that's the only night that is available. If we end up doing that, I was thinking that it would be fun to go out with the out of town people for a few drinks. Some place like a Buffalo Wild WIngs or something like that. I would make it an early night so that you can finish up all of the last minute details.

    My out of town guests are all our age, so something like this is reasonable. I guess it depends on what your guests like to do... you could always have a backyard BBQ!

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    Ours is the same way and we are just going to relax and hang out together the day before. probably at the beach, maybe play some board games, go out to eat, then attempt to go to bed. haha.We got myself and the BM's a suite together steps away from our ceremony spot and my FI will be in another room at the hotel.
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    Ditto Joy.. you don't have to rehearse at your actual ceremony location. We got married outside at our reception venue at a garden gazebo on the water, but we rehearsed in my aunt's backyard and then had a Caribbean themed menu for the rehearsal dinner. Why don't you rehearse at a park or in someone's backyard, and then either have a backyard BBQ or go to the restaurants you had in mind already but instead of 2 nights before it'll be the night before and you won't have to come up with a solution for the open night in the schedule.
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    We have the same situation - my daughter's wedding is on a Sunday but the rehearsal is on Thursday (because the venue has other weddings on Friday & Saturday).  I don't see how you can stage a rehearsal somewhere other than the venue, though.  Won't the venue have a pretty specific layout that you can't really replicate?  Stairs, seating, layout, etc?  Plus the venues usually have a planner to organize the participants and tell everyone how it's going to happen.  Regardless, here's what we're doing.  The groom's parents are hosting the rehearsal dinner the night of the rehearsal.  Most of our family (the bride's side), is coming from out of state, and will be arriving on Saturday.  I'm having a dinner for our guests that Saturday night, and also inviting the groom's parents.  It's a casual way for our family to spend time with the bride and groom, and many of them haven't even met the groom yet.  I just want to do something for everyone who is travelling so far for this event.

    I'm curious, Joy2611, why you were "cranky about the whole scene" when the family hosted a dinner the night before the wedding?  Which family hosted - the bride's or groom's?  In our case, the groom's parents were initially balking at having a rehearsal dinner, so even though it was a couple days after the actual rehearsal, I was going to make that the rehearsal dinner, inviting the wedding party plus our family from out of town.  But now I'm just having our own family.
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