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How to make shower more personal

We are hosting a ladies only bridal shower at a very nice local restaurant.  The restaurant will  provide, drinks, etc.   Set up will be round tables with 6-8 chairs each.  Food will be elegant buffet style.  The bride will open her gifts at the shower.

My dilemma is, since this will be in a very nicely decorated restaurant, how do I make the shower more "personal" (in terms of decorations, etc.) and not just like going to dinner at a restaurant? 

Any suggestions? 

Re: How to make shower more personal

  • Does the bride have any sort of theme for her wedding?  For example, my best friend is getting married next Sat and has a very rustic/spring feel to it, so we used teapots that all of us had been given over the years as her centerpieces with a vase of pink carnations next to it and it turned out lovely!

    If you can give us any info on the type of wedding she is having, maybe we could come up with some suggestions for you.


  • Well, there's really no "theme" for the wedding.  It's a formal, night time event.  As I said, the restaurant is very elegant and provides all tableware, food, drinks, etc.  I'll set up some sort of table for the cake and another for favors, but I still want it to feel like her special shower, not just lunch in a restaurant.  KWIM?
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