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bachelorette party ideas/suggestions (peoria, illinois)

Hello Fellow Knoties,

So my best friend is getting married in April, 2012...I know, I'm late but I've been in this exact rut for a minute, please bare with me. Myself and one of our mutual friends is planning co-planning the parties with her...but we're stuck as to what to include. And Google, as much as I love it, is not being as helpful as I would want. And though I love her, bride is...yeah, I will leave it at that. 

Now, we're down for whatever, but (this is especially important if readers are from Peoria, IL/surrounding as well) we want this to be as budget-friendly as possible in terms of what we do/where we go. (the whole wedding shindig is coming out of our pockets.) We also have a minor in the party, so we want to include her, but alcohol has to definitely be kept to a minimum for the rest of us, if at all. This is if we decide on going out to dinner or something.

Another option that's sort of come up is the basically have a pot-luck/gifts type or party where the bridal party provides the food and do like a movie/games thing...or pot-luck/gifts and dress up and go bowling...something really fun but low-key/everyone can be involved.

What I need to know though is things to keep the party going (games, food ideas, personal suggetions, suggestions on resources, ideas of where to go and such, etc?!).

All advices and words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated.

Re: bachelorette party ideas/suggestions (peoria, illinois)

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    If you are looking for specific places to have the bp, you will get more information from brides that live in your area. Post your question on 'Local Wedding Boards'

                <<<<<<--------------------follow the arrows : )

    A pot luck is acceptable, since gifts are not usually expected at BPs, or so I thought. Call each of the BMs and ask them if and what they would like to contribute to the party. Movie night and bowling are great ideas, too. As long as you let all contributors help with the planning, you should do fine.

    It sounds like you are off to a great start. Have fun.
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    I'm confused, what exactly are you late for?

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