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I'm very grateful for my shower and seeing my friends and family. I'm so luck to recieve such amazing gifts and appreciate them. 

However, I received an interesting gift from someone, who was so kind to send a gift but could'nt attend the shower. She didn't purchase anything off of the registry. (This is fine b/c I did receive other gifts from other guests that were not from the registry and those gifts were amazing.) However, this very sweet kind lady knew I didn't like country decor and her gifts were country. For example, we received a god bless this house towel and my fiance is agnostic. In addition, there were cat linen type items. I'm not sure if they were napkins or table cloths. I'm highly allergic to cats, so I'm not a cat person even though I do appreciate my friends' cats. I was surprised to get cat items because she has meet my dog before and my cat allergies were brought up in conversation.

Anyway, my dilemma is writing a thank you note for gifts that didn't fit my personality or style. I want it to sound sincere and highlight our favorite gift from this lady, which is the cookbook. Both my fiance and I love it. Would something like this be okay?

Dear Sweet Kind Lady:

Thank you so much for the towels, linens and cookbook. [Finance's Name] remembers these cookbook's recipes from his childhood; now as a couple, we are sharing his favorite meals. It was so kind of you to send gifts from afar. We really look forward to seeing you at the wedding.

Bride and Groom's name.

Please let me know is that okay.

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    I think that sounds good. Every year for my birthday and Christmas, one of my grandmothers gives me really corny holiday decorations for my house (like porcelein bunnies for Easter, etc), which is SO not my style. I usually end up donating them or they wind up in storage. I still send a heartfelt note telling her I will be using them come the holidays (she isn't able to travel and we live far away, so I never have to worry about her visiting and not seeing them). Sometimes we have to tell little white lies to not hurt feelings. I think your note highlights your favorite gift while still thanking her for everything.

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    I think it's fine.  A thank you note isn't really big enough to have a sentence talking about each item, and the only way to talk about them all would be really generic ("We can't wait to use them in our new home."), and I think something specific/personalized is always preferable over generic.
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    I think that's fine. It's important to be polite and a little specific in a thank you note, which you've done.
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    I would send her a thank you note to be nice. She did go out of her way for you guys. And also, speaking as a Christian, she probably got the God bless this house towels because he is agnostic. It's sort of our way as Christians to save people in mysterious ways. I understand you may not even use them or keep them but I would send her thanks.
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