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Last Minute Lingerie Party Help Please!

OK – I wasn’t going to throw a friend of mine a Bridal Shower (she's getting married on April 28th this year) because they are an older couple who has any and everything they need or want.  But a friend of hers decided she was going to throw her one, and it was going to be on April 14th.  I told her that I already had a lot on my plate, but if she needed help, to let me know because I’m the ONLY Bridesmaid that has helped her do anything at all so far and the girl that is throwing it isn’t even a Bridesmaid.  Well, my friend who is getting married sounded really excited about having a shower thrown for her because she never had one when she married her late husband, and the girl that was going to throw it, had to back out for financial reasons.  SO – I am picking up the pieces and planning her a lingerie party (where everybody buys her pretty nightgowns, lingerie, etc. instead of traditional bridal shower gifts) and having t at her house on April 14th at 5 p.m.  I have no clue where to begin with this though!  I'm going to have a dessert buffet with different treats and I have a couple of games in mind, but that's as far as I've gotten.  There will only be about 12 guests total.  Any ideas?

Re: Last Minute Lingerie Party Help Please!

  • First, I would get the numbers and list figured out so you can send invites this week.  You can make changes to the food/drinks/games later.

    My friends traditionally do a lingerie shower at bachelorette parties, so I've gone to several and they can be really fun!

    Before opening a gift, the bride has to answer "newlywed game" style questions that you've already gotten answers from the groom.  The questions can be tame, "Who said I love you first?" to a a little more risque, use your imagination!  They can be funny too, like "Who is the better driver?"  The bride has to guess the question right to open the next gift. (Or sometimes we take pity, and she can open one after striking out three in a row.)  All you have to do is get the groom on board, send him a list of questions (probably 15 for 10-12 gifts) and get him to email back some answers!

    Another fun game we've done is the "Panty Line" where guests brought a pair of panties in the bride's size (in addition to their gift) that reflected their own personality (not the bride's.)  The panties were put on a clothesline or string, and the bride guessed who brought which panties.  If she got one right, she opened that person's gift.  Lots of creative and hilarious times with that game.

    Have fun, and good luck!

  • I had to throw together a shower like this in November. Another gal backed out and I picked up the pieces. Just keep it simple. Grab a bunch of pink or red flowers at sam's club and toss them in a vase and call the decorating done. Then stop by the bakery and get some desserts, they may be able to make something with lingerie on it if you call ahead. I had a pink theme so I called ahead and had the bakery add a few drops of red food coloring to the cookies & cupcakes to make it a little more festive. Then grab a few bottles of wine, champagne (I did pink champagne), tea, or whatever is easy. The panty line game can be fun if the bride gets into it but otherwise it can be awkward so I'd ask if she likes games. Good luck!
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