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Savannah Bachelorette Party Help!

Ok ladies! there will be about 10 of us and we are only planning on staying 1 night.  We are looking at going to River Street. The proble is trying to find a hotel close to River St. Would love to find one that a room would sleep six!  or any opnions please!

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    You should make sure to go to Savannah Smiles while you are there. It is a really fun piano bar, I went there for a bachelorette a few years ago and it was great. It is also close to a Quality Inn, Radisson, and Best Western, all of which should be pretty budget friendly. I don't know if you could fit 6 in a room unless someone was willing to sleep on an air mattress, but it is worth a try. These hotels are kind of on the north/west end of downtown, but in very easy walking distance to everything you would want to do in Savannah.
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