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Bridal Dinner on a Sunday??

Hello, I have a dilema, my bridal shower has to be memorial day weekend because my mother in law will be here for that weekend, however the hall where i want to host it at is not available that saturday or sunday. It is however available that Friday afternoon. I was thinking of just having it around 6pm and calling it a Bridal Dinner, what do you guys think? Is this too much of an incovinience for my guest? Should I keep looking for a different venue?

Re: Bridal Dinner on a Sunday??

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    People can get a little crazy with holiday weekend parties.  Seeing how it's not smack dab in the middle of the long weekend, you should be Ok.  Maybe have it for 7pm, so people don't have to rush out of work to make it there. 

    However, you since it's already mid-April, people might already have plans for that weekend and won't be able to make it.  If you were to book this, you should get the invites out no later than the end of this week so you can catch people before they make plans to go away. 

    Lastly, you shouldn't be planning you're own shower.  This is one thing you leave to someone else to plan.  Good luck!

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    Oooops I meant Bridal Dinner on a Friday not Sunday. (Mysubject line says Sunday) Thanks for the advice, I will not be completly planning this on my own, Im just finding the venue, then my girls will take over. But your right, I forgot it might be a bit difficult to get the girls out on that busy weekend. I will get on the invites ASAP.

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