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MoH - Planning the Engagement Party. HELP!


I am planning an engagement party for my best friend who is marrying my boyfriend's best friend (he's the Best Man).  I don't have a lot of money but want to do something special.  What should I do? 
I can't afford to invite 50 people and feed them all and supply drinks though I know others will pitch in, they're not BM's and all other BMs live out of prov and won't be able to attend.  Who do I invite?  Where should I throw it?  The bride has been looking for an engagement party dress and wants something fancy but I'm afraid I can't throw a fancy party on a super tight budget and I don't want to disappoint.  Help, please!

Re: MoH - Planning the Engagement Party. HELP!

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    engagement parties can be done at a house! Save money on sit down dinners and do light apps and wine (buy a case online for 60 bucks, and people will be happy)
    co hosting is always a great idea to help cut costs and get some back up. a buncha decorations arent needed if you have wine , apps (even just cheeses. make it a wine and cheese thing! :) ) and good music playing (set up a play list on the ipod or turn on the music channel!)
    Engagement parties can be a great and relaxed way to announce them.
    don't feel the pressure of monetary, you're great for justing wanting to throw them an engagement party :)
    (ps. is where i got my invites for my bach party, as well as save the dates. much cheaper and super cute!)
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    Thanks!  You've both been very helpful!
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    I'm not sure how far away your friend's wedding may be, but is her engagement party guestlist comprised of all people that would be invited to the wedding? Just make sure she knows everyone she invites to the party must be invited to the wedding.

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