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Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

I need ideas for a rehearsal dinner location in the Boston area that is
 reasonably priced.

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

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    Try posting this on the Boston local board. This is an international board. :)
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    In my region, it's customary for the MOG to host the RD. 

    I have a friend who hunted up locations and suggested three designs for the RD invitation - and sent it to her FMIL, who told her in no uncertain terms that SHE is the host and SHE has hosted many dinner parties and certainly SHE can host the RD.   Wow.  So you need to be sure you aren't taking over FMIL's tasks.

    I know two women who have had their sons get married in the last five years, and both women and their husbands flew up to the wedding location (from Clearwater to Vermont, and from Clearwater to Baltimore), stayed for four days, did food tastings at the RD possible locations, chose one, signed the contract, and set up room decorations and colors, etc.
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