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Shower/bachelorette - what city?

Sorry - this is going to be a bit long.

My MOH just emailed me to ask for my input on where to have my shower/bachelorette - she wasn't sure. She also told me she was thinking of planning more than one of each and asked me what I thought about this.

Some background information:
1. Pretty much all the important women in my life live in 4 cities: A, B, C and D
1. My MOH and I grew up together in City A. My parents stil live in City A.  I just moved back to City A this summer for a one-year work contract, and FI and I are getting married in City A. I don't have many friends left in City A - just my mom, one girlfriend and some family friends. 
2. Until this summer, I had been living in City B for 4 years and City C for 3 years before that. All of my good friends live in either City B or City C.
3. MOH just moved this summer to a town just outside of City B. She is coming back to visit me in City A a couple of times before the wedding.
4. FI's entire family lives in City D.  City D is kind of close to City B but very far away from Cities A/C.  FMIL and FSIL would likely not be able to attend any pre-wedding party held in Cities A/C.
5. Most of the cities are pretty far apart: B and D are by far the closest and they are 5 hours apart by car.

I know I shouldn't be planning my own pre-wedding parties, but given that MOH asked for my help, should I give any suggestions? If so - what city? I literally have no idea.  Also - what about MOH's suggestion of multiple parties? I definitely don't want to put a burden on her to plan more than one party, so maybe I should just keep silent on this point?


Re: Shower/bachelorette - what city?

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    OK, since your MOH asked you:
    Have your shower in city A, so your family will be able to attend.
    Have your bp in city B, where your friends live. That's assuming they are invited to your wedding. That will make the planning easier for your MOH.
    Your MOH is very generous.
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