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Trousseau Tea

I am having the crazy bachelorette party with all of my girls, but I want something that includes the moms, aunts, and grandmas too (we live in Georgia but most of the family is in Virginia/Maryland so we are getting married in the Carolinas, but that won't allow everyone to join us for my bridal shower).  I have been thinking early afternoon the day of the wedding I would put a modern spin on a Trousseau tea (by the way we having a small wedding with just under 50 guests).  Trosseaux are traditionally where the bride shows off her honeymoon clothes and the women in attendance can offer practical gifts for the home.  I want to bring it into the modern age by having the attendees give me marital advice and tips instead of material items...kind of like a knowledge shower.  Does this sound like a good idea to include everyone or just really corny?
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