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unique bachelorette party games

Just wondering if anyone had any game ideas they have enjoyed at a bach party... Throwing a party for my friend soon and we are doing the typical bar hop thing (her choice) and since I believe the movie "27 dresses" to be loosely based on her life, we are all wearing the dresses she wore in our weddings (or in another wedding, if she wasn't in someone's).

I want to come up with a fun game to do on the party bus or at the bar. Any ideas? One I really liked at a party was to bring a pair of underwear for the bride that would "describe" you and the bride had to guess who brought each pair. So I was thinking something like this but maybe that could tie in with the dresses? Any ideas are helpful... games or otherwise! Thanks xxx

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Re: unique bachelorette party games

  • mgietler76mgietler76 member
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    I personally never liked party games, and TBH the underwear thing seems kind of creepy and gross.

    I would nix the games idea and just go out and have fun bar hopping with the girls.
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    Thanks, but not particularly helpful :)
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  • trix1223trix1223 member
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    I'm with mgietler here.  I don't get why a b-party has to include "naughty" stuff.  Why can't it just be a fun get together with bride, WP, and other invited guests.  Leave your underwear home in your dresser drawer, and enjoy the party.
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    I didn't say it had to be naughty... And the underwear game is hardly naughty... People brought granny panties, boy shorts, the point was the guess which friend brought what... But anywho... Point of game is to be silly and fun
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  • SuMmErKuTiESuMmErKuTiE member
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    I also am not a fan of games at showers and b-parties. They're usually cheesy and uncomfortable and people only participate because they feel they have to. I always have a much better time at showers and b-parties that skip the ridiculous games. Ditto pp who said just have fun with the other girls, drink, mingle, and create some great memories with each other and the bride. 
  • leslieannlsuleslieannlsu member
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    I'm usually very anti-games for any type of shower or bachelorette party, but for the last wedding I was in we did play a fun game at the bachelorette party. Before the party the MOH emailed a list of questions to the groom to answer, things like "what's your favorite cereal," "when was your first kiss with the bride-to-be?," etc. Then the girls at the party took turns through the night asking the bride-to-be the questions that had been written on index cards. If she got it right, then the person asking the question took a shot. If she got it wrong, then the bride had to take a shot. I thought it was a fun game and everyone seemed to like it. If you didn't want to play you didn't have to but if you did then you just offered to buy a shot and then asked a question.
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