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Who to invite to RD?

FI and I are planning to get married in a town that is at least 3.5 hrs away from even the closest guest so, essentially, everyone everyone will be from out of town. We also are not having any sort of wedding party. Our families haven't yet met, and are VERY different. It's hard enough for FI and I to hang out with his family, I can't imagine my family enjoying them. 

So the problem is the rehearsal dinner. Our rehearsal will obviously be small and quick since there isn't much to coordinate but what do we do afterwards? I don't want it to just be our immediate families but we can't extend it to out of town guests. I was considering inviting the few people who are closest to us (and would be our wedding party if we had one) but I feel that's a little like a tiered reception because we're only inviting certain people. 


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    We had no wedding party either, so FI's parents contacted MOB and me about two weeks before, offering to pay for the RD at either Sam Seltzers Steak House or Outback Steak Houre.  Sure, not really glamourous but it's their money and they did give us a choice.  We chose Outback, and the night before the wedding, my mom and I had dinner with FI and his parents.  The officiant couldn't come, so it was just us.  At one table.  And I know what you are saying about how different your family is from FI's family - me too.  But our dinner went just fine.
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    If your families haven't met, I tink that they should. Considering that you guys are getting married.

     Just have a nice intimate dinner with the families and then if you want to spend time with what would have been your WP, then go out with them, have drinks, keep it casual! Once you start invitining some of your OOT guests, you are going to start justifying why they should ALL be there- and that gets out of hand!

     There really isn't even a need for a real RD if you feel that it would be that uncomfortable.
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