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Somewhat Local Destination Party

I'm in the bridal party for a good friend's wedding and we're currently debating over a few different destinations for the bachelorette party. The current options we've discussed so far are Baltimore - Inner Harbor, Ocean City Maryland, and LBI.

Now here are my concerns:  1) We're located in northeast PA, about 20 minutes from Allentown. I think that Baltimore and OCM are a bit too far since we have 8 girls in the party and two of them are coming from across the country. (Seriously, who wants to drive 4 hours to get home with a hangover?) 2) I don't know all of the girls in the bridal party, but the ones I know are pretty big drinkers so I liked OCM for the fact that they have drunk bus to take us wherever we would want to go. I don't know really anything about LBI. 3) Similar to point #2, I liked OCM as an option because it's relatively safe. I've been going there every summer for 5 years and I find it to be very female friendly.

The bachelorette party is scheduled for three days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday in late September. Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions for locations? Here's my criteria:
- It should be within a 2 hour drive
- We will need activities to keep us busy for 2-3 days
- We definitely need a place for dancing for one night
- Obviously alcohol is a big factor
- Easy (and cost effective) transportation is important

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!

Re: Somewhat Local Destination Party

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    Why does it have to be a weekend-long event?  I'm sorry I'm no help; I just don't get why these parties are turning into such a huge ordeal.  In my circle, a bachelorette party is a group of girls going out to a couple bars and buying the bride some drinks. 
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    Sounds like its going to be a fun weekend no matter what!
    Im in CA so Im no help... sorry, but good luck!
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    What about Atlantic City?  I was there a couple of weekends ago, and I saw a few bachelorette parties roll by in the casinos.  It is great for a drunken weekend, because you can get a lot of free drinks while gambling (even at the nickel slots like me :D ), and most of the bars and clubs are right on the boardwalk, so no worries about driving around drunk.  And we were told there are no-open container laws, so you can carry your big hurrican glass outside (and to the beach, if its warm enough!)
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