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No party for us

My sister was suppose to be throwing us a surprise engagement party in October (I found out b/c my MOH told me.) Well she wanted to have it at her house, which would be fine, but she is the only person that lives in that town. I have BMS from everywhere, but that would be an hour drive for them. Then my family and his family live an hour and a half away. I told my MOH that it wouldn't work, which she had told my sister the same. Well, we haven't had an engagement party or anything now, and it is just irritating.

I know I shouldn't say anything, but I was hoping to have a get together for our family and friends so they can all meet. Can anyone think of something else we could do so we won't be throwing an "engagement" party for ourselves? It is Ohio so a cookout won't work!! We do have 7 months left, but winter time is bad!
Thanks in advance!

Re: No party for us

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    How about you just have a party but not call it an engagement party?  Specifically avoid using those words and say you'd just like to have family over for dinner or something.  And don't expect presents. 
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    Just have the get together with friends and family. 

    You really shouldn't be irritated.  Your sister had a plan to throw you a party.  You didn't like the plan, and someone else told her that the plan wouldn't work.  So she scrapped it.  She doesn't have to throw you a party so maybe she decided it was just too much trouble if she couldn't have it at her house. 
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    A lot of people don't even have engagement parties. Don't worry about having a title on a party. Just throw a get together!
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    I don't know anyone at all who had an e-party IRL.

    You can. of course, have a get together for everyone to meet.  Call it a get together.  Call it a dinner party.  Call it a "Let's watch the Bengals" party.  Call it a cocktail party.  Call it a Halloween party.  Call it a game night.  Call it a BBQ.  Call it a picnic. 

    Why does it have to be an "engagement" party?  Not everything between now and your wedding has to be somehow related to your wedding, after all.

    One other thought.  Your family and friends don't really have to meet in order for your wedding to be successful.  The first time I met some of my DIL's BMs was at her shower.  The next time was the rehearsal.  Wedding day of July, 06 was the last time I saw them.

    Your WP and families all have one thing in common:  you.  They don't need to become a new social unit to be in your WP.  Just don't set your expectations too high and assume that everyone will become friends.  Friendly?  Sure.  Friends?  probably not.
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    Can you have a weenie roast or Halloween/fall themed meet and greet? Otherwise don't worry, everyone will meet soon. If it makes you feel better my father has only met my FI and will probably be meeting everyone else the day before/of.
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    I've driven an hour and a half for showers before, I don't think that's too far away- especially if noone closer offered to host.

    Throw something yourself!
    We're having a dinner to introduce our parents, then another dinner including grandparents & siblings that live in the area, then throwing a party at my parents' we'll call either a Going Away Party (we're moving before the wedding) or a Holiday Open House. It will include lots of family friends and neighbors not going to the wedding, and I'm not sure if my sister or mother (or his mother) will host, so that seems to us to be the easiest solution.
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