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Out of Ideas for Rehersal Dinner...Help!!

I am getting married in a little less than 3 months and we are having a very difficult time working something out for the rehersal dinner.
My fiance and I are paying for the wedding entirely by ourselves and therefore cost is a major issue. We initially wanted to have the rd at his parent's house, but they have refused. Our home is too small to have that many people fit comfortably. And my parent's live out of town.
Any suggestions for an economical way to have an rd?? We have thought about just forgetting the whole thing, but would like to avoid this if at all possible.
Any ideas/suggestions are welcome!!

Re: Out of Ideas for Rehersal Dinner...Help!!

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    back room of a local pizza place.  If it's warm:  picnic style or BBQ in a park.  VFW or American Legion hall.  Church fellowship room. 

    Also try posting this on a local area board.  This board is international, so we can't help with specific questions like this as much as a local might.  Links to local area wedding boards are on your left.
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    I answered you on the E board.
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    >>No need for a rehearsal - no need for a rehearsal dinner.

    While I see your point here, the RD is actually to thank the WP for unplugging from their busy lives to plug into your life for this very special weekend of your wedding.  And that is important.

    However, if you are already hosting a Bridesmaid's Tea or Brunch - which traditionally is the "thank you" for the bridesmaids, and your FI is already hosting something pre-wedding for the groomsmen and ushers to thank them, then you will have already thanked these people.
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    Panera usually has a little back room that is friendly for bigger parties-I actually considered doing that for mine but we didn't have one in the same town as our rehearsal.

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    Find a local place that you like and include the rehearsal dinner on the invitation and tell people that you would love to have them there and how much it cost per person. This worked out great because it wasn't expensive for individuals to pay for their dinner and those that really wanted to go were able to and the bride and groom didn't have to take on the cost. For those that didn't want to go to the dinner, you could stop by later on for drinks.
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