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Rehearsal Dinner and Opening Gifts the Day After

My rehearsal dinner is what I believe to be on the large size with the amount of people that I have in my bridal party. I'm trying to decide if I should invite the cake servers, guest book attendants, and the girls that would be handing out programs. Am I obligated to invited the people that are helping but aren't in the bridal party? I am also having problems deciding on who to invite to watch us open gifts the next day. I'm trying not to hurt anybody's feelings. How did everybody decide who to invite?

Re: Rehearsal Dinner and Opening Gifts the Day After

  • If those people are at your rehersal then they have to go to the dinner. If they do not attend the rehersal then you do not have to invite them. However, I probably would invite them to thank them for helping out the next day. Its something nice and remind them how happy you are that they are helping the next day. That is just me though. As for the gift opening, Idk what to tell you. That seems to be a very regional thing or sometimes certian families do that too, we dont. Ive never been to one, and no one in our family has done it. I dont plan on doing that either, but who knows what will happen. I can tell you that when I opened gifts from our engagement party my mom, aunt, MOH, jr bridesmaid and another BM were there. I wanted to open them then, my aunt is from oot and wanted to see me open them and the BM was staying at my house for the weekend. And my MOH is just always here too and my mom is well my mom she wanted to stay and see it too.It kinda turned into to everyone just being here. For gift opening I would just do both sets of parents, siblings and Bridal party, but ask around your friends and local boards to ask for sure.
  • If someone is involved with your wedding they need to be invited to the RD. ditto pp on gift opening. It's not done around here because no on brings physical gifts to weddings.
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  • If people are doing things at the wedding that require rehearsal, they need to be invited to the RD. I may be in the minority here, but I do not think that includes the girls handing out programs, guest book people, cake servers, etc. ... Only the WP actually needs to 'rehearse.'

    Honestly, I would not be offended in the least to NOT be invited to a gift opening. Unless you were serving some really amazing food, then maybe. ; ) It is seldom done around here and is boring as all get out. If it's a common thing in your circle or family, then be sure immediate family and WP are invited.

  • Gift opening is an event that you plan and invite people to watch?  I've never heard of that.  I thought you just took the gifts home and opened them after the wedding in your living room or whatever.
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  • Gift opening is a regional thing. Certian regions of the country make a party out of opening gifts. I had never heard of it either till reading up more about weddings. We dont do them in NJ, no one I know ever has but Ive heard they are a big event in certain parts of the country. I will be opening my gifts the next day at home, with no one there. Although I know my family someone will be here in sure.  
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    Anyone participating in the ceremony should be asked to attend the rehearsal, including readers.  

    We're having an afternoon reception, but have the venue all night, so we're going to open gifts after everyone leaves.  Our immediate families know of this plan, but I doubt they all stay.  I kind of figure some extremely close family and friends will probably also stick around as well.  
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