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Alcohol at Rehearsal Dinner - Need Help

We are having a destination wedding in San Juan, Puerto Rico in March. I'm trying to finalize the rehearsal dinner plans but we are on a tight budget. We want to offer our guests drinks but we don't want the bill to go overboard if we let everyone order straight from the menu. The restaurant offers a dinner menu option that comes with one drink so we are considering doing that and telling our guests that any additional drinks is on them. Does that seem rude? The other option we have looked at is purchasing our own wine and then paying a $15 corking fee but that is per bottle and could add up quickly for our party of 30 to 40 people. Any suggestions or a polite way of having guests pay for some of their drinks. The wedding reception will have an open bar so they can drink all they want on the wedding day Smile

Re: Alcohol at Rehearsal Dinner - Need Help

  • It's rude of you to charge your guests for anything. Host what you can afford or don't have the bar open. We hosted wine and beer for the RD.
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    I have no idea how. Can you just thank all for coming and end the dinner early? If all then adjourn to the bar, they will be paying for themselves.
  • Either host or don't host.  Even if you don't host and there is a bar onsite, people who want a drink I'm sure will get themselves one. 

  • I for one do not think its rude, Where I plan on having mine at, I will buy everyone a drink chip, then after that they can buy there own if they want to drink. Obvi pop will be included but I figure if they want extra to drink they can buy it...not being rude but we dont plan on drinking alot the day before anyways
  • I think I'd be livid if you required me to pay for a plane ticket and hotel and then my own booze at the RD I had to attend.

    Figure out what you can host but make it happen.
  • Do a wine/beer open bar at the dinner (usually much cheaper than a full open bar) and if folks want something other than that - they can buy it themselves.
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  • It is costing them a small fortune to attend your wedding.  If you have ANY alcohol you need to host it and you need to host it for the duration of the event.  If you can't affort it,  host a dry RD, but I think if they can pull off the budget to attend your wedding you should work your budget so you can pay for the alcohol at the RD.
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