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interesting dilemma for bridal shower

My stepdaughter is getting married in August.  Her mom to date has not really participated in any of the preparations for the wedding.  My stepdaughters sisters are going to be bridesmaids but are 17, and 15, so I really don't know who else could host the bridal shower.  My husband and I are afraid that if I host it my stepdaughter's Mom won't attend. 
Has anyone else been in a similar situation.  I would really like to do this for her but my husband worries about the tension that may come out of it.  To me, I am able to put aside my differences for Juelle's sake why can't her Mom? 

Any advice?

Re: interesting dilemma for bridal shower

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    saric83saric83 member
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    Is there any chance you and her mom could host it together?  Maybe you could contact the mom to offer to coordinate to plan it together (perhaps at a neutral location, so there's no issues with your house versus her house).  Then even if she turns you down, it opens up the dialogue and you'll find out if she was planning to do something.  If not, at least you gave her the opportunity, and you can go ahead with planning something yourself.  Good luck!
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    kschwarz09kschwarz09 member
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    I definitely agree. put your feelings aside....and ask her if she would like to help you plan/host a shower, and if she declines, then you tried.  good luck!
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