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having a bachelorette and bachelor parties

So my fiance and I were thinking that we would like to have our parties together so that we are together on the last before getting married.
And Ideas?

P.S. Him and I won't be 21 yet when we get married so.

Re: having a bachelorette and bachelor parties

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    Your bachelor and bachelorette parties don't necessarily have to be the night before you are married.  My FI and I had our (separate) parties 1-2 months before the wedding. 
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    I've definitely heard of people getting everyone together after the RD and going bowling or a pool party or something so they can hang out with OOT guests of all ages. Or you can think of what you and FI and the gang usually do for a celebratory night out.
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    We went to an upscale bowling alley where you can dress up kind of nice, rent out party rooms, and they had an awesome food and beverage package for a pretty low price. Then we went to a pub. It was a good time!
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    Actually, it's usually not the night before the wedding that people have their bachelor and bachelorette parties. It's a pretty bad idea because then the bride and groom and their wedding party are potentially exhausted, dehydrated, and hungover on their wedding day which is zero fun and not good for pictures.

    Our b-parties were 3 weeks before the wedding and we kind of had a joint party. We had a co-ed party bus that took us to Mohegan Sun (a big casino in CT) and when we got there the girls split from the guys. Us girls went dancing at one of the clubs while the guys went and gambled and drank at some of the bars. It was so much fun and everyone including the guys expressed how much fun the co-ed party bus part was.

    Since you guys aren't even 21 yet, I would suggest maybe going to a ball game or a concert, something fun that doesn't require an ID to get in.
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