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I was charged with planning the bridal shower for a close friend. I'm not in the bridal party but that didn't matter so much because I'm good friends with the bride. Most of our friends are attend the same church and its a very close, small church community. I recently learned that events are suppose to be cleared so that there aren't conflicts with other events. Her party is interferring with a mission trip and a VIP guest is not able to attend because of that. I was simply given a date from the bride and ran with that. Now I look like a complete idiot and I'm starting to get angry with the bride for putting me in a bad position. I'm trying to change the date of the party to either next weekend or some other time.

I was wondering if any one has ever been in a situation like this or similar. I feel like this is a total and complete mess that I'm head over heels in and I want it to work out but I don't know how its going to work.

Thanks everyone!!!!!!

Re: Bridal Shower Issues

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    Well the bride should not have put you in charge of planning a party for her. That was very rude. I probably would have said, "I'm sorry, but I am not able to plan a shower right now" and not done it.

    If you want to follow through with planning, I would go ahead with the date. Two of my "VIP guests," 2 of my  BMs were unable to make my shower and it was not a big deal. If that's the date she gave you, go ahead with it.

    I'm confused--is she wanting to invite everyone at her church to the shower?

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  • Wow, you're an incredibly nice person!  I would have been extremely offended if someone made me "in charge" of planning a party for them!!  Just like the previous poster said, I probably would have told them no.. especially since you're not even in the wedding party.
    Sorry, I dont have any advice for you!
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