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Where did you have your bachelorette party?

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    Mine was the weekend before the wedding in the town where I live.  It was a nice girls' night out - cocktails and apps at one place, dinner at another place, and after dinner drinks at a third place - all within 2 blocks of each other.  Some girls were out for the whole night, others dropped in when they could and left when they needed to.  The only way you could tell it was a bach party was a very simple and understated sash I wore.
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    We went out to a nice dinner and then hit up a few different bars in town. After, we got a hotel room and drank some more at the hotel, so everyone could imbibe (my MOH had been DD earlier in the evening). It was a lot of fun and fairly inexpensive for everybody.

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    Mine's coming in two weeks...we'll be going to NYC for a pole dancing class, dinner and drinks and then hittin up a bar or lounge near the restaurant.  We were going to spend the night in the city but it's Sept 10th and apparently everyone wants to be in town for the 10 year 9-11 reunion and a cheap hotel was hard to come by.  So we'll all head back to one of my BM's house instead.  Her mom's awesome and will have breakfast for us the next day!

    Can't wait!!!
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    Just had mine this past weekend! We had the bridal shower in the afternoon, then I went home to change into my nice stuff but everyone told me to dress casual. I was like WTF? I'm not wearing this to the bars? They surprised me with a pole dancing class. It was tons of fun! I'm still sore from it! Afterwards we went to a hotel nearby, changed and went barhopping. Cramming 9 of us into a cab was pretty hilarious! I thought it was creative- I think they had wanted male strippers but I was very adamant about NONE of that. They made a creative twist out of it. Loved it!
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