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So I want to treat my MOH (my sister) to pre-wedding pampering. I need it also. Waxing, a light tan (ugh tan lines), and getting our nails done. I live in Boise, Idaho - Not sure if that matters, and I am trying to plan on a budget. Here is my dilemna / question. I'm struggling to find a place/spa whatever that offers all three of these in some sort of package. There is ONE place I have found that only has ONE nail tech, which wouldn't be very fun, because me and my sister wouldn't be able to have our nails done together. I've looked at places that have manis/waxing, but they tend to be spas and EXPENSIVE. SO... we have a day set aside... should we just pop into a nail salon, pop into a separate tanning place, and then pop into a hair place for waxing? I know places around my town that offer all three as walk-ins. Or is that no good? Would it be better to have a nail appointment (the one I am LEAST familiar with)?


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  • I would probably ask this on your local board (over on the left hand side) because they would know specific spas in your area and be better able to assess walk in vs. appointment necessity.

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  • Hey! I am from Boise too... So I would suggest Soothing Moments in Eagle for nails and waxing. They are very well priced. I would make sure you make an appointment though so that you and your MOH arw getting it done at the same time. As far as tanning goes, I would then just head to a tanning salon after. Like you said, the only places I know that to all three are expensive... Maybe you could grab lunch in between,wouls help make the day more complete I think. Hope that helps!
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