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Bachlorette Party or Lingerie Showers!

If you're trying to figure out what you want to do for your Bachlorette Party, or wanting to have an AWESOME Lingerie Shower I can help!

I'm a Slumber Parties consultant in Alabama and I travel around for parties all over Alabama. To host a party it is COMPLETELY FREE! All you have to do is make the guest list. For your party I will bring you all the best lotions, potions, and toys to demo and you can PICK YOUR OWN GIFTS!  That means NO RETURNING LADIES! You can choose what you actually want! On top of that my hostesses get a free gift from me, and 10% of all sales in free products. And we all know that nothing is better than free. You will never have to worry about having something amazing to wow your hunny with on your wedding night, or any other night for that matter.

To contact me all you need to do is look me up on facebook, or here on the knot.

I promise you that you will never have another ladies night quite like this one.

Re: Bachlorette Party or Lingerie Showers!

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