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Since when do people think it is manditory for all bridesmaids to go out to a night club for a bachelorette party? The MOH is planning an overnight stay at an expensive hotel and a night out at a night club. "Clubbing" is not my thing, and I just don't have the money for a hotel room. I am not friends with any of the bride's friends, which makes it even more uncomfortable for me. I already told them I would participate in the day activities they plan like mani and pedi and dinner together, but I am being pressured into it.

Is being part of the bridal party force me to do this stuff???

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    If you don't want to go then tell the MOH that you will be unable to attend that part of the festivities.

    Maybe the bride likes clubbing. If you don't then don't go, but stop acting like they should have planned the type of party that YOU want - the bride's b-party shouldn't being taking your preferences into account.

    ETA:  Clubbing is by no means "my thing" either. But if it's a b-party for a friend whom I am close enough to be a BM in her wedding, I would most certainly suck it up and be there for a little while for her, even if that meant not drinking and leaving a little early so I could drive myself home. That's just my personal perspective though.
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