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Bridal shower....does fiance make appearance?

So for my bridal shower its all women. My dad will be making an appearance at the end becuase it's at the country club that he's a member of. But my.fiance keeps asking if he should make an appearance. Are they suppose/should??? I have no idea i dont see why not.come at the end.of it. Opinions?!
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Re: Bridal shower....does fiance make appearance?

  • He should come with your dad. From my understanding an experience attending, usually the groom sends the day w the FIL and then they come together at toward the end to say thank you and such
  • DH came for the first 10 minutes to say hi to his side of the family then came back at the end to pack up the gifts.
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  • It's customary in my circle for the groom to make an appearance towards the end. This is so he can thank the guests, say hello, help load the gifts into his car and to pick up the bride, if needed. The groom also usually help the host(esses) clean up.
  • My FI didn't come to my shower at all. It's not his thing, and IMO showers are for girls anyway.  
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  • DH wasn't even in the same state during my shower!  If you FI wants to come, coming at the end with your dad is a good idea.

  • He could make an appearance.  My H opted to send a beautiful floral arrangment.  It was stunning and my MOH showcased it on the food table at the shower.
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  • pretzelgrrlpretzelgrrl member
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    My FI came in the beginning, ate then left then came back to help with gifts
  • My FI is coming to the shower thrown by my MOH, BM's and aunts, because it is the norm for the FI to come to the shower on my side.  However, my FMIL and his aunts are all throwing an additional shower, and custom is the groom never comes (in fact when I asked about everyone got extreamly confused), so he is not coming to his family's shower.  

    If you are fine with him coming, that is great, have him walk out with your dad.  Someone to carry all the heavy gifts out to the car.  :D
  • mrsR12mrsR12 member
    My bridesmaids threw me a surprised party and needed my fiance to get me there, once he got me there and surprised me, we realized that 2 ppl who said they would come didn't come so he stayed since we had the extra room.  he was fine and it was a great way for him to spend the time with me and my love ones (friends and family).  he also helped with clean up and picking up gifts.  
    it's really up to you.
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