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Wienerfest Bachelorette Party

Hey Ladies,
I need your help.  My bachelorette party will be at a festival called wienerfest.  It is a hotdog/beer festival.  It has cover bands playing and should be a ton of fun. A big part of this festival is the t-shirts people make.  I am looking for fun ideas that play with words a bit since it is called wienerfest. 

Re: Wienerfest Bachelorette Party

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    Don't be a weiney, come to my party!

    But, the wording on the invites isn't up to you.  You don't throw your own bachelorette party, someone else does that for you.

    Side note: You should consider changing your screen name from your email address to just Kellyk51083.  Good luck!

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    Maybe some play on the fact that you'll be down to one wiener for the rest of your life after the wedding...

    Something about sampling a bunch of wieners before you tie the knot? 

    I am sorry that my mind is clearly in the gutter here, but it's's like BEGGING for that. 
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