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Two Showers... not sure who to invite to which one?!

My MOH, who is also my sister, is throwing me a shower at our church. It is meant for family and close friends of family. One of my bridesmaid's moms along with several of my bridesmaids are also throwing us a couples shower that will be a more relaxed, come and go, in the evening event. The couples shower will be more for all of our friends.  My delimma... is who do I invite to what?  Which should my bridesmaids' moms be invited to or should they be invited to both? Should I invite the groomsmens' moms and spouses to the family shower... they are close friends and family to my fiance? Or should they be invited to the couples shower? I guess my main issue is the parents and spouses of our bridal party... which one do they get invited to?  I have read several others say you are only suppose to invite the mothers and the bridesmaids to more than one shower but I don't want to upset anyone by not inviting them to one or the other?  I thought about just inviting those iffy ones to both and then letting each one know they don't have to come to both or bring a gift to both. I don't want to offend anyone or hurt anyone's feelings... any advice?

Re: Two Showers... not sure who to invite to which one?!

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    The MOB and MOG, sisters of the B&G, probably the grandmothers and the bms should receive courtesy invites to all showers. They may decide which, if any they choose to attend. No one else should be invited to more than one shower.

    I would invite the bms' mothers to the shower that the bms' are throwing with one of the moms. Since it is a couples shower, their sos should be included on their invites. If the hosts are willing, include the gm and their significant others to the couples shower. The hosts of the showers should let you know how many guests they would like to host before making this decision.

    One more thing - all those who are invited to showers, should recieve wedding invitations also. But it is not neccessary to invite all wedding guests to a shower.

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