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Lingerie party ideas?

I am getting married in September, but I'm throwing a lingerie party (separate from the bachelorette party or a real bridal shower) among our girlfriends at college before we graduate for my friend who is getting married in August.  I have heard of other girls throwing them, but I have never actually attended on myself. 

What sort of fun/silly activities should I include to make things not so awkward and just light-hearted?  It will most likely be just college age women. 

Her interests: she played D1 soccer, rodeos/dude ranches, girly things, idk lol. 


Re: Lingerie party ideas?

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    If you honestly think things will be awkward or that guests will be uncomfortable I wouldn't throw a lingerie shower.  No amount of silly games will make the fact that the guests don't want to see the bride's underwear more tolerable.
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    I agree with Duckie1905, limit the guest list to people that you won't be awkward around.  You want this to be fun and lighthearted, not awkward and tense.  I have only been to one lingerie party but it was really weird.  I was drafted to plan it (not a BM, or MOH, or really even a friend of the bride, I am closer friends with the groom), and all but 2 of the guests were super uptight and ultra conservative. 

    I planned a few games and cutesy projects and provided a gourmet spread, but when it was time to open the gifts only 50% of the guests brought lingerie!  The bride SPECIFICALLY requested lingerie for her lingerie party, this isn't rocket science!  The other 50% of the guests made a big deal about why they purchased gifts from the registry and made very rude comments to me (the hostess!) and why I shouldn't have purchased lingerie for the her lingerie shower that I was forced to host >:-|  

    Sorry to unload like that but my experience with lingerie showers has been 100% awkward!  Keep it simple and only invite girls that you know will enjoy it.  
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    Thanks that was really helpful! I'm sorry for your experience :-(.  Hopefully it won't be so awkward b/c almost all the girls will be college age, and let's face it, most college girls have been exposed to just about everything in these terms. 

    If I may ask, what were the cutesy games? 
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    Thanks for the input.  I'm really not that nervous about the awkardness and the bride is totally excited, I'm just looking for some game ideas or creative ideas to make it fun!  I'd probably have the same questions if I was even just throwing the typical bridal shower. 

    Besides the "who knows the bride best games" I'm not familiar with what else could be fun.  ideas?
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    We had a party for my friend who was getting married and got a bunch of bachelorette toys online. one good one is they have a large variety of toys, party games, lingerie and more. Check them out they have sales all the time. 
    we had a blast! Smile

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    Lingerie showers are popular in my family because they aren't much on drinking or going it on the town.  Some games that were played are these:

    Guess who purchased it!
     - Each guest brings a pair of panties (in the brides size of course) and the are all given to the host at the begining of the party (the bride should not see who brought what!).  The host then hangs them all up on a clothes line.  Later in the party, the host asked the bride to go to each pair of panties and guess who brought them.  She has to also say why she thinks the person is the one who brought them.  If she is correct she gets to make the person who brought the panties do a dare (dares are up to the bride).  At the end of the game the bride gets to keep all of the panties as gifts.

    Pass the teddy -
    This is a game that you would only want the host to know the secret behind it.  How it works is you wrap up a small teddy bear in a clothing box (or a victoria secret bag - just be sure to hid it's shape and add lost of tissue paper).  When you are ready to play the game, have everyone stand in a circle.  Tell them that there is a teddy in the box and who ever ends up with the gift at the end of the game has to put it on and model it for the entire group!  That should really get people passing the gifts around like its a hot potato.  Who ever ends with the gift should be escorted by the host into a seperate room where she is suppose to "change".  Have quetly unwrap the gift and then put a long jacket on holding the teddy under neath it (the whole point is to look like she is actually wearing lingeri under the coat) and then have her go out to the center of the group and reveal her lovely sexy - teddy bear!

    I know there's more games then these, but I can't think of them right now.  Google lingerie party ideas and see what you get to come up.  The whole point is to make the party be funny and still end up with the bride getting some wonderful lingerie in the end. 

    Hope this helps!
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