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Bachelorette Party in Atlantic City or Foxwoods????

I want to go away for my Bachelorette Party and was thinking either Atlantic City or Foxwoods. Any suggestions on which is better and where to stay. We want to dance the night away and chill by the pool.

Re: Bachelorette Party in Atlantic City or Foxwoods????

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    Post this on a local NJ or NY board.  These boards are international, and it's possible that people in Olympia, Washington won't be able to help with specifics like this.

    Look to your left.  There's a drop down for local wedding boards.  GL
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    Yes, this is an international board, but I live in CT and go to the casinos so I can actually be of some help for the CT casinos but I'm not familiar with AC. In my opinion and a lot of other people around here, Mohegan Sun is much better than Foxwoods especially for a bachelorette. But, if you are set on Foxwoods, I would look into the new MGM Grand that is connected to Foxwoods. They have great restaurants there such as Craft Steak and Alta Strada and a beautiful club called Shrine. MGM Grand also has nicer hotel rooms and a great pool. HTH!
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    My sig pic is actually a picture from my bachelorette party on our way into the club at Mohegan Sun called Ultra 88. I love Mohegan, but I think Shrine at MGM Grand is a much nicer night club than Ultra 88. HTH!
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    Ditto! I also live in CT & think that a well planned weekend or night at the casino would be alot of fun! Definitely recommend MGM!

    I also went down to AC for my 30th bday--we rented a house & stayed the weekend!! IT WAS A BLAST!!! We shopped at the outlets, gambled at a few different casinos, went out to dinner & went out dancing at night. I highly suggest the Borgata it is such a nice a hotel/casino & the clubs are even better! Definitely make a reservation if you have a large group. We went to In the Mixx which was alot of fun!

    HTH & GL!
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    i have been to both places for a bachelorette party and i would recommend going down to ac for dancing and lounging by the pool. we went to foxwoods and there were only 2 or 3 dance clubs to choose from and one was $25 to get it. we ended up at scorpion bar which had a band and a dj but no cover to get in. in ac there are alot of other choices and you can usually get on a vip list to get in for free. harrah's has "the pool" which you can go to during the day and then at night it turns into a dance club. borgata (expensive though) has a pool to lay out by and two clubs - murmur and the mixx. tropicana has the club providence, taj mahal has the club the casbah, and resorts has the club "boogie nights" which is all 70s and 80s dance music and is actually a pretty fun time. HTH
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