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My MOH and parents are throwing me a co-ed bridal shower. I hate the spotlight and my fiance and I would rather both be included. I need some game ideas. Not all the people invited are couples, nor do we have an even number of guys and girls. Any ideas are appreciated. 
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    I would skip the typical shower games for a co-ed shower. Usually, we just watch the bride or couple open gifts, eat and socialize, without games. If you think your group needs some kind of activity, lawn games, such as bocce, jarts or horseshoes might work well.
  • The wedding shoe game is really funny and popular. Bride and groom sit back to back and use eachother's shoes to answer the questions. You exchange one shoe so you have his shoe in one hand and your shoe in the other hand. Then you answer questions. You can't see his answer, and he can't see yours. For example, who drives faster. You hold up the shoe that belongs to either you or fiance, and he does the same. Sometimes he thinks you drive faster, and you think he drives faster. The guests find it entertaining. Good luck!
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