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How to throw a surprise wedding shower?

My friend doesn't really want bridesmaids, so I'm the closest thing she has. I've gone to countless stores trying on dresses with her (she finally found one she loves!), been available to listen to endless questions/complaints about the process, and have been asked to speak at their wedding.

I'd like to throw her a bridal shower, since this is her first marriage, but am not sure how best to do it since I don't know any of her friends! Any suggestions would be helpful. I want to make sure she enjoys this time before she gets married!

Re: How to throw a surprise wedding shower?

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    I would say to forget the surprise part as well, i find that to be unneccessary.  But I think it is amazing you would like throw her a shower, either ask her, or a parent of hers, or close aunt who should be invited.
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    I agree with PPs, a surprise party would be very complicated. There would be no guarantee that the bride would even show up! Definitely offer to host one for her and ask who she would like to be there! :)
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    It's her first marriage?  Is she planning to have more?   =)

    I'm never a fan of surprises, so I'd prefer to know about a shower.  I knew about all of my showers, and our DD is just like her mom.  She knew the day and time, and the guest list, but none of the details.  Can you do something like that?

    Good luck!!
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