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Accommodations for OOT shower guests?

Hi ladies,

I am a bridesmaid and helping the MOH plan the bridal shower.  Most of the guests invited to the shower will be from out of town - are there any etiquette rules regarding accommodations?  A handful of us could crash at the bride's house (if she offers), but certainly not everyone.  Is it the guests' responsibility to find/pay for their own accommodations?  Or should we find a group rate at a nearby hotel so we can include the info on the shower invitation?

Many thanks!

Re: Accommodations for OOT shower guests?

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    I think it would be very nice to get a group rate at a nearby hotel, but it isn't necessary. Guests are responsible for their own accommodations. It is part of the expense of going to OOT functions. If they decided it is within their budget they will come, if not they will most likely pass.

    If you do get a group rate a nearby hotel I would just include a little insert with the invitation with the hotel's info on it.

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