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akward bachelorette party gifts

evry time i see a certain brides maid of mine she tells me she is going to a store called the Condom Shop to buy me gifts for my bachelorette party.  i've told her repeatedly that i don't want whatever she buys from there and will never use it.  but i'm still worried she isn't actually listening to me.  my fiance and i are waiting until we are married to have sex and when we do, we aren't using condoms or sex toys or anything like that...i've tried telling my BM that without making it uncomfortable but i think she will still buy weird stuff.  what should i do to prevent it and what should i do if i get those gifts anyway?

oh, i should mention this is a big deal because my MOH is my fiance's little sister!

Re: akward bachelorette party gifts

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    A lot of people like doing gag gifts for bachelorette parties. I honestly think you should just leave it alone now. It sounds like you have told her expressly that you wouldn't use any of those gifts. If she was going to listen to you, she would have by now. I would drop it.

    If she ends up getting you something you don't like/won't use, I would thank her for the gift and then just toss it after the fact. You don't have to tell her that you got rid of it.

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    It seems that bachelorette parties are forever be stained with naughty gifts and getting wasted when in fact there are a lot of clean fun that you and your girl friends can do for the bachelorette party.

    anyway, in your case, just let her know in a polite way that you don't expect gifts for your bachelorette party but if she still insists, or if you receive those naughty types of gift, then discard them privately. you can always drop a hint that your bachelorette party is all about clean fun. better yet, choose a 'clean' theme for your bachelorette party and tip the host of the party that naughty gifts are off-limits.
  • When you open her gift, make sure you open it so you can see it first (block it from everyone else's view) and IF it's inappropriate, simply say, "well, I'm not sure what to say! I'll leave it up to your imagination." Close it back up and open the next gift. 

    You say. "i've tried telling my BM that without making it uncomfortable " -  A very simple "FI and I do not want anything from there.  Please understand and respect our wishes.  I really don't want to have this conversation again."  sends the message loud and clear.  Hopefully, she's just joking and doesn't realize how upsetting this is to you.

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