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bridal shower mall adventure??

I was looking up ideas for a bridal shower online and I saw one that had guests meet at a mall. In lieu of the usual bridal shower games, guests were to meet a the mall for an "adventure." The hostess separated the guests into pairs and that gave each pair a set amount of money. Each pair picked out a themed card from a hat. Then the pairs had 30 minutes to go around the mall to look for a gift that  matched their themed card. Prizes were given for most outrageous, most creative, and things like that. I thought this was a creative idea, but am not sure ifs too out there for guests to be interested in. I would like for the shower to be somewhat of a surprise, so how do I go about figuring out if this mall idea is any good? I guess after the mall we could all meet at a restaurant or something like that. I wouldn't have the guests pay for themselves.

Re: bridal shower mall adventure??

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    That doesn't sound like fun to me.

  • I'm sort of confused.  Would the guests be asked to put money into the pot so that it can be dolled out for this shopping scavenger hunt?

    This doesn't sound like fun to me, especially because I like to decide how my money will be spent.  If you're keen on a scavenger hunt type thing, do a scavenger hunt with cheap digital cameras, a list of pictures they have to get, etc.  (Disclaimer: I haven't done this as a bacherette party, I've done it on my college track team while us freshmen were getting "hazed". It was a blast).
  • As a guest, that doesn't sound like fun to me. It sounds like work. Plus it sounds time consuming. I don't expect showers to be long events and I enjoy spending time with the bride.
  • No, the money comes from the hostess-me. I read it somewhere and thought it sounded different. It wouldn't be time consuming though because it would be only half an hour. Is that a long time? I guess it would be boring for people who don't like to go shopping. A lot of her guests are older as well, so this may not be a good idea because of the required walking.

    I would really rather not do the traditional bridal shower games. Any other ideas?
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    I wouldn't enjoy that type of shower.There is no need to provide games or scavenger hunts for a shower. To be honest, a mall themed shower seems more suited to a birthday party for a middle schooler and her friends.

    Invite the brides closest family and friends, let them choose their own gifts, provide some simple refreshments and allow the guests to  socialize.
  • I'd rather spend time with the bride, not be sent on a hunt to buy stuff. You can play the purse game. Make up a list of random stuff. Who ever has the most stuff on the list in their bags wins. It's sorta similar to what you have, except it doesn't require walking around or even spending money.
  • I agree that I wouldn't enjoy this kind of shower at all.  You aren't spending time with the bride, you are going all over the mall on a scavenger hunt.  Sorry, but I don't think that is a good idea at all.
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    [QUOTE]FWIW.....the showers I've enjoyed most were centered on the bride, with no games or extraneous activities.  Everyone conversed with her, and the hostesses served great food and drinks.
    Posted by RetreadBride[/QUOTE]

    <div>I don't know what FWIW means, but anyway. So there isn't a requirement to have a bunch of games?? I think a friend of mine had a Mary Kay party for her shower. Is that a bad idea too? </div>
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