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Who to invite to shower

I have several family members and friends that live out of town.  Do I invite them to the shower?  I don't expect them to come, but I also don't want them to feel left out. My fiance's mom and sister are out of town and his siter is in the wedding so I was planning to invite them.  Who did everyone else invite to the shower?

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    1) You don't invite, you give the list to your ladies who are throwing the party ( or lady)

    Could you call them and mention it to them to invite in case they are interested? Some might think it is gift grabby to send an invite knowing they can't come and thinking you still expect a gift or something.

    Depending on how close it is to the wedding will any of them be present?

    I am personally giving a list to my girls that includes all the girls local here, aunts from both sides that live close, FMIL , and some other close family friends.

    Remember it's a day to spend with people you are close to and under certain circumstances some soon to be new family members (that you might not know well but want to get to know) IE: I met one aunt and one future SIL and they both made comments about wanting to be at a bridal shower if one was thrown for me. I don't want to exclude anyone that lives close but those far away I don't want to make feel guilty either.
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    I invited all close friends and family no matter where they lived.  Etiquette doesn't require that you send a gift if you can't make a shower- so I personally don't consider it gift grabby.  I'd think that close family and friends wouldn't consider it gift grabby anyway because they're just that- close to you.

    I just had mine yesterday.  I was surprised how many people sent gifts who couldn't make it.  Of course many didn't send gifts- which I expected.  I didn't expect FI's SIL to come but she flew in for the weekend, and FI's aunts (who I had never met) drove 6 hours to attend the shower.  You never know who will want to come, so don't rule them out just because they're OOT.  I'd have never dreamed his aunts would have come.

    (I use "invite" loosely- my MOH asked me to give her a list)

    Stick to close family and friends, it shouldn't matter if they're OOT :)
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