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Different types of showers?

My FMIL was asking me about bridal showers the other night, and asked me what kind of shower did I want? I wasnt aware that there was more than one type of shower. Is that right? I dont know if she means what type of theme, or lingerie, or a traditional shower or what.

I am guessing she wants me to pick a theme? What did you ladies do, or were you surprised?
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Re: Different types of showers?

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    Yeah she probably wants to know a theme, like kitchen, lingere, etc.

    My MOH didn't ask and she is throwing a traditional shower for me. Had she asked I probably wouldn't have specified. If I did I would have asked for a kitchen themed shower since I love to cook/bake.

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    ohh ok. Well seeing as how its being given by my FMIL and mother, I'm not so sure that I want a lingerie themed shower, lol.

    I think I'll go with traditional. I feel strange even telling her what kind, but she asked. I kinda feel like it should be up to her since she offered to throw it..oh well. :
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    She probably just wants to check in and make sure that she's not going to throw you a shower that you hate. One of my girls asked me the same question and I was like, well... I'm not sure, but I can tell you what i do and don't like. I DO like good food, good conversation, maybe some alcohol but nothing heavy, and some background music. I DON'T like games. lol. And am leaving the rest up to them.
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    I'm new to this board but i wanted to add something.

    My family tends to do some fun and creative showers. 

    last year my mom and I hosted a shower for my cousin who is a kindergarten teacher. We gave each gueat a letter of the alphabet and told them to creatively find a gift that went with that letter. (I got letter T and bought her some tea and a teapot and knitted her a tote.) It was really fun to see what everyone came up with. 

    Another cousin had a "round the clock shower" and everyone recieved a time of day and purchased gifts that went with that time. My mom had 5 o'clock and got a cocktail recipe book, some glasses and mixers.

    They were both really fun!
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    My shower (being planned/hosted by my mom & fmil) will be a "money shower".  They are putting together a little money tree with clothespins and everyone clips their envelope to it. 

    Fmil threw the same shower for my fsil a couple years ago and it was good.  A couple people chose to bring traditional gifts instead but of course that's fine too.

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