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So my ex maid of honor (long story) had booked a party bus. Problem is, only 11 of us are going and can't afford it. At the time I thought it was 9 of us and went through a whole ordeal with the limo guy and he switched it to a 10 passenger stretch, which is the only other thing he has available that night. But, there are actually 11 of us. We found another company giving us a dirt cheap price for a 14 passenger. That plus the lost deposit on the bus divided by the 11 people is affordable.

But how in the hell do I tell this guy after he busted his ass to change the limo that we aren't going to use it?? Mind you... WE HAVE ALL OUR WEDDING LIMOS BOOKED WITH HIM!!!

I really wish this party wasn't happening, who needs the extra stress? ANY ADVICE WOULD BE APPRECIATED!


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    Be as polite as possible, tell the truth, and apologize.  That is about all you can do.  Hopefully if he is a professional he will understand the circumstances - you may even get him to offer a matching price to keep your business.  
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    If he went through a lot of trouble for you, you owe it to him to be honest. Tell him the price you have from the other company. He may be able to compromise.
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    Thanks everyone! It all worked out in the end, because when I told him we were going with another company he magically found us a bigger limo. lol.
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