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2 Showers/2 different states, guests?

Hi All!  So long story short, we are living in NY (most of my family lives here) but we use to live in Florida and our wedding is in florida.  So my MOH is here in NY and she as well as my mom will be hosting a shower up in NY, assuming mostly my family and friends.   Friends that live in florida would like to host a shower for me down there.  I am very thankful for both!!  My FMIL lives in Florida and so does my parents.  I am assuming my Florida friends as well as FMIL and some of her friends will be attending that one.  What do I do about family members that do not live in either state?  Do they get an invite to one of the showers?  My fiance has 2 sister in laws tht live in a different state, do I invite them to the shower in Florida since thats where his mother will be attending?  So confused!  Dont want to leave anyone out but also dont want to inconvience people!

Re: 2 Showers/2 different states, guests?

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    If you want those family members invited, then yes, they should be invited to one of them. I would definitely say the FL one for the in-laws. 
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    Since the sisters-in-law are part of the immediate family, invite them to the Florida shower. They'll decline, if they aren't able to attend.

    You should check with your FMIL on the other family members that are out of state. Some people regard it as gift grabby to be invited to a shower they can't attend. Other's feel left out if they're not invited.
  • I have been reading Miss Manners about showers lately, and she suggests inviting those who you would love to have there, even if they live far away so they know you wish they could be there.
     If they are close enough to you (relationship wise) that you want them there, invite them, and once they have received the invite maybe you can call and bring up how you know they live to far to come, but you wish they could be there because you enjoy their company.
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