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"Shower of Firsts" Theme Couples Shower

Hello Everyone,

I'm helping host a couples shower and have decided on "shower of firsts" Some firsts include first date night, first fight, first bbq, first dinner party, first home cooked meal etc. Guest would then bring gifts to fit their first date night such as tickets to a museum, comedy show or anything people would do on a first date. Has anyone gone with this theme before? I need help incoroporating the theme into the evite and coming up with more firsts. I want to be clear of what the theme is so there is no confusion. 

I've searched online for sample "shower of firsts" invitations but I have not found a single one. 

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Re: "Shower of Firsts" Theme Couples Shower

  • In all honesty, as a bride I would be bummed to get all of these "themy" gifts rather than things on my registry that I could look at in 10 years and say "jennifer got that for us at my bridal shower."

    I have been a guest at these showers and have HATED being told (host dictating to me) what my gift must be.  I want to select my gift based on what I know the couple would enjoy and has registred for, not what someone made me buy them to fit a theme.

    Your heart is in the right place here, but just theme out your decorations and call it good.
  • Agree with kmmssg.  As a guest, I would rather pick a shower gift that fits my relationship with the couple.  I mean, what if you give me first bbq but I know this couple because we have a common hobby or we work together?  I may not be confident that I can create a gift that the couple will like or appreciate.

    Use your decorations to commemorate specific firsts if you would like, but please let the invited guests shop on their own (and within their own budgets).

  • Don't do one of these themes.  Everyone wants to be able to pick the gift they want to give - not a gift with contraints.  Not to mention, you also have to hope she registerded for stuff within those means.  For example, our registry was 90% kitchen stuff.  If someone got anything but kitchen as a theme they would have had to go outside the registry and take a gamble.  
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    I agree with pps. I'm pretty sure the couple would rather have a gift from their registry, rather than someone else's idea of a great first date.

  • Ditto pp. Don't do a theme.
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    Thank you for all your advice. I completely agree with you all. I definitely want them to receive gifts that would be useful to them. The last thing I want to do is tell people that they have to bring something that goes with the theme. I'll scratch the theme from the invitation and instead i'll incorporate it into the decorations. I was thinking setting up pictures of some of their first. For example, their first wine tasting tour, date, trip, meeting the family, ATVing etc. 

    Last question, Since their honeymoon will be to Hawaii would it be alright if the house is decorated to go with their honeymoon destination? 

    Thank you once again for your input!

  • Hawaiin decorations would be great.  I told you your heart was in the right place.
  • Thank you for all your help!
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