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I'm MOH for my best friend's wedding this June, and we're trying to think of bachelorette ideas. The other bridesmaids were thinking of taking the bride on a wine tour (we live in Washington) for her bachelorette party. I like this idea, except that the bride already goes wine tasting once or twice a month and I'd like to give her a new experience. However, she does enjoy wine tasting, so does anyone have any ideas on how to put a unique twist on a wine tour so that it's not the same old thing?

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    Wine tours vary pretty widely anyway, so you don't have to do much. Get all dolled up and maybe provide transportation in a limo or something? Also, I once went on a tour with a personal guide. That was pretty cool, although maybe better for a region you're not familiar with already...
  • I was taken on a wine tour for my party and my girls added in a "mystery" aspect to me. They refused to tell me anytime about the party and gave me a crazy ridiculous packing list that would have prepared me for anything from a punk rock concert to an elegant night on the town and all things in-between.
    It was fun not knowing what we were doing until literally seconds before it happened.

    after the wine tour ( ours had 4 vineyards and a chocolate factory) we "suited up" so I knew which outfit to wear, went to a nice restaurant then went to a dave and busters for laser tag, and a bunch of other things-again I never knew what I was doing until it was about to happen. The night ended at 3AM at Ihop, all of us way too drunk and tired from dancing having a blast.
    One friend was  the designated " writer of all random things" so she wrote down all the silly and funny things we said and did through the night and we read through them all the next day-some were a riot to read.
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    The element of surprise is the ticket, here. My daughter's MOH planned a wine tour, by bus, for her bp. She was told not to make any plans on a certain day and what time the MOH would pick her up. The bus company picks up at various stops and agreed to reserve their seats in one section so everyone could sit together. The MOH took the bride to the first stop, and a friend or two got on and joined them on the following few stops. One bm brought a corsage so everyone one know it was a special day for her.My daughter has been on many wine tours because that's what she and her fi enjoy. This trip was special because her very closest friends shared an activity that she loves with her.
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