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Having 2 showers - 1 is a couples shower

My sister (my MOH) is throwing me a shower, and my aunt told me she would love to throw me a shower.  The people invited to the shower my sister is throwing will be all my close friends.  My aunt mentioned that she could throw a couples shower, if I was interested in that.  So, since she's family, I thought it would be a neat idea to have the couples shower be both of our families.  I didn't even think about inviting my bridesmaids to the couples shower, since they aren't family.  But..the more and more I'm reading on these boards, people are saying both mothers, sisters, grandparents, and the wedding party should be invited to all showers.  The couples shower will be after my sister's shower.  My sister will be inviting FI's mother and sister to that shower, but should my aunt send an invite to the rest of my bridesmaids for the couples shower, even though they aren't family?? 

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Re: Having 2 showers - 1 is a couples shower

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    I dont think they need to be invited if you would rather it be family. To be honest, they will probably be glad not to have to buy another gift and go to another pre-wedding event. Just explain it to them that it is only family, and since they are already going to one shower they shouldnt have a problem with it.
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    Usually the bms receive courtesy invitations to all showers. They get to pick which, if any, they wish to attend. If your aunt is limiting the shower to family only, I think your bms will understand. But the MOB and MOG should still be invited to both showers.
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