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E- party by Moh

So my MOH has decided and convinced us to let her thorw us an engagement party.  I felt like i was being greedy by having this Eparty, and then to turn around a few months later and have a bridal shower, then the bachelorette party. and THEN ask the guests to come to the wedding all the while it seemed like we were asking for gifts.
ive asked her to somehow include on the invatations "couple not expecting gifts" or something like that. we mainly want just to hang out and mingle with our friends. its going to be outside at a park/beach with cookout type food.
i guess after explaining all this, my question would be... DO I SEND MY SAVE THE DATES BEFORE SHE SAIDS THE EPARTY INVITES? OR DO I WAIT??
we got engaged at the end of january. the eparty is in april. the wedding is in oct.
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    Gifts should not be mentioned, even that you don't want them. Most people won't be invited to all of these parties so I think you're good on the greedy aspect, except for the fact that engagement parties are usually pretty soon after the engagement so if you have one much later and a lot close to the wedding it could look gift grabby. 

    But if you're really worried about it why doesn't she just throw a party and invite all your friends and not CALL it a engagement party?

    The timing of the engagement party doesn't affect when you send out STDs. And just make sure everyone invited to a pre-wedding party is also invited to the wedding. Also, don't invite every female on the guestlist to the shower, they're supposed to be more intimate, so I would avoid inviting your coworker's wife whom you've never met.

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    RetreadBride said it right. 
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