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OOT Bridal Shower - I'm freaking out

My FMIL is planning a "surprise" shower for me(his family STILL doesn't know that I know), in the city where he grew up... Two hours away from we currently live, along with all of my family and a good portion of our friends. To be fair, this is the mid-point between where FMIL lives, and where we live.

My issue is that my friends and family won't be able to go, due to lack of a car, or anxiety driving that far on the freeway. I tried explaining this to him, and he made me feel like it was my Man of Honor's fault, since he never replied to FMIL, and that it is my family's fault, because they're being unreasonable.

He tells me to deal with it, and just have another shower here, which means another day I have to take off from my new job, which doesn't seem fair to my new boss. I just feel like screaming, I didn't want to have a shower in the first place, let alone two.

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Re: OOT Bridal Shower - I'm freaking out

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    I know you would like to include them, but if those people can't go, they can't go.  You don't have to have a second shower; just decline it if you are offered another one.
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    Diito PP.  If people can't go, they can't go.  Your FMIL was nice enough to throw you a shower.  Just be grateful, and let it go.

    And you don't need a second shower.
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