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I've always wanted a engagement party, but no one offered to host one for us :( we've been engaged since September. Should I just host a small simple one at home? or let it go?


  • No.  You do not host your own engagement party.

    You can have a backyard bbq and invite family & friends, just don't call it an engagement party or reference anything about engagement.


  • There is no reason you can not plan a party to formally announce your engagement. 
    If you want it- then have it!!! 
    Don't worry about everyone else- this is YOUR time!
    The only thing I would suggest is to not include any registry information in your invitation. Keep it simple.

    He proposed 
    and she said Yes!

    Announcing the Formal Engagement of
    Jane Doe and John Deer

    Please celebrate with us!

    Saturday, May 5th 2012
    three o'clock in the afternoon
    121 Main St
    Happyville, NY 12345

  • if you want one tell your bf how you feel and maybe she pass it along
  • Usually engagement parties are held within 3 to 6 months of the proposal.  I think you've missed your window, plus it's not appropriate to host your own e-party.  My advice is to let it go.  E-parties are not all that common.  Showers and bachelorette parties are, so you'll have that to look forward to.
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