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Lingerie "shower"

Okay ladies, I need help.

I make invitations and I have a BM who came to me and wants invites for a "lingerie shower" the bride lives out of state and her friends are going to collect lingerie for her and send it, along with advice cards. Any ideas on how I would word something like this??


Re: Lingerie "shower"

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    I think the reason you are having difficulty finding the words for this "shower" is because it isn't a shower.  It sounds like a solicitation for gifts.

    Collecting gifts and sending them to a recipient is not a shower; it sounds more like a care package.  This does not require invitations, but it is in need of reconsideration.  I think you need to get some clarification from this BM.
  • I know. However, I'm not doing it. Like I said, I make invitations on etsy so I can't really tell my customer not to do it. I just need to come up with wording for some flyers they are sending out.
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