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Invite your mom to a Bachelorette party - at a strip club?

I recently received an invitation to my cousin's bachelorette party. Coincidentally it falls during my honeymoon so I won't be attending, but I'm curious how everyone else feels about this.

This surprise "party" is actually a weekend in a hotel in downtown Toronto (huge city). The bride is unaware (unless she posts on this board, heh). The festivities involve paying $35/night to stay in a hotel room with 5 (?!) other girls, most of whom don't know each other. Then paying for a taxi to another nearby city (about 45 minutes away with downtown traffic) to go to a male strip joint. Along with drinks and everything else, of course.

This in itself is not unusual, aside from the fact that I cannot imagine my prim and proper school teacher cousin living it up at a strip club. The strange part comes in when I found out that my mother was invited. On further investigation it turns out that all of my aunts and grandmother (ages 42-65 or so) were invited, including the bride's mother. Although the party's being hosted by the MOH, I suspect the aunts were invited because the bride's mother is paying for the wedding.

Does this strike anyone else as strange? Would you want to go to a male strip club with your 50 year old aunts (they are attending, BTW, except for my mom)? How about shouting "Woo, Grandma! Look at that guy shake!!!"? I just can't imagine that this is normal..
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Re: Invite your mom to a Bachelorette party - at a strip club?

  • loop0406loop0406 member
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    Well in my family, that's normal but my mom is pretty hip, she went to strip club for my sister in law's bachelorette party, what's funny is that the strippers gravitate towards the older women, he was trying to do a 'body shot' with my mom which we thought was a hoot (the shocked look on her face).

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    Well, my mom and I are really close, so that wouldn't be odd.  But the other female family members would definitely make me uncomfortable.  FI's family on the other hand wouldn't find it strange or uncomfortable at all.  The last all girls family roadtrip they took apparently involved a blow up doll riding shotgun with their Grandma.
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  • Simply FatedSimply Fated member
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    I think it depends on the moms and aunts in question. My mom would probably go for the laughs, but my boyfriend's mother would be horrified. Meanwhile, some of her sisters would probably have a great time lol. I think it really just depends on the person.
  • RebeccaB88RebeccaB88 member
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    Depends on the family.  But MY mom?  HELL to the NO. 
  • SuMmErKuTiESuMmErKuTiE member
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    As pp's mentioned it depends on the family.

    I'm very close with my mom, but I still wouldn't want her at my bachelorette especially if we had ended up going to see strippers (thankfully we didn't.. yuck). Being close with your mom doesn't mean you enjoy all the same things or that she's trying to relive her youth.

    The moms and aunties who were invited to this b-party have the opportunity to pleasantly decline the offer. So who knows, maybe they'll show up with bells on ready to party, or they may all decline and leave the partying up to the bride and her close friends.

    What I find even more odd is sharing a room with 5 other girls most of whom don't know each other. That would make me beyond uncomfortable, and a 45 minute cab ride?! That's going to be beyond expensive! Whoever planned this, wasn't keeping everyone's best interests in mind.
  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    As a 50 year old, I wonder if you think we are sexless, inhibited creatures.  For the record, we are not.  Age is not a reason to exclude someone from a bachelorette party, unless the prospective guest is under 21.  Invite the aunts and, if they are uncomfortable with the setting, they will decline.

    Oh ... and please save what you've written in the OP for your 50th birthday party.  I guarantee you'll get a good laugh!!
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    I regularly go out for "girls nights" and "girls weekends" with my mom, aunt and cousin who is 17 years older than me. They are all in their mid 40's (not a huge jump to 50) and they all basically told me that a male strip club is on my bach. party list.

    I think they might get frisky with the guys :D

    It just depends.  My family is a riot.
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