Pre-wedding Parties

Bridal Shower Theme?

I have plenty of time to prepare, but I am trying to knock out most of the planning for my wedding and pre-parties before I return to school in August. My favorite color is pink and I want to have a girly theme for my bridal shower, but I am not finding anything that stands out to me, Any ideas?

Re: Bridal Shower Theme?

  • Ditto.

    Since this is an event planned FOR you and not by you, relax.  You can give input if requested but it's not appropriate for you to say, 'Throw me this party!"
  • FYI Not all of us have people who throw us showers which is what I am running into..I am helping plan mine and I think it is fine if you want to help out! Im still thinking about my theme as well which will be girly as well ..good luck
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