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XP: Giving Unequal Shower Host Gifts?

Basic situation:
-Aunt and BMs wanted to throw shower; I asked if they would all mind working together. Gave Aunt and MOH each other's info.
-Aunt has been waaaay excited and doing things super early; MOH has been waaaay busy and not very responsive to emails/phone calls.
-BM, we'll call her D, was super excited about shower; i asked if MOH had said anything to her about it and she said no but she had lots of ideas, etc. I asked if i could give my Aunt her contact info and D said yes.
-D and my Aunt have thrown themselves into shower planning, and although the shower is still technically being hosted by the whole BP + Aunt, I know that it's really Aunt and D doing 90% of the work

I don't want to do an etiquette no-no, or upset any of my other BMs, but is it ok to get Aunt and D slightly bigger thank-you gifts? (like, a larger bottle of wine than what i'm giving to the other girls or something like that?)

i know i don't have to give them in front of each other, but still they might talk about what they got.  But I'd really like to acknowledge that D's gone to a lot of effort and planning and whatnot with my Aunt. So, what do you think?
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Re: XP: Giving Unequal Shower Host Gifts?

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    I would also give them equal gifts. Maybe the other girls are too busy or don't have as much experience in planning such events. If they're all giving an equal amount of money, it would be a slap in the face to receive a smaller gift than the others IMO.

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